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I love my Friends!!! // Seattle Film Photographer

“When you want something with all your heart, all the universe conspires in making you realize your dream.”
-Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

Today was one of those days… I woke up, wrote a bit, took a small morning nap, went to Zumba with friends, grocery shopped, had a yummy sandwich for lunch, edited some of my most recent wedding, relished in my daughter’s first hand-holding experience (with a BOY)… but, but! It was missing something. My coffee was saying to me, “wouldn’t i just love an accompaniment?”

Which is where my friend Donna steps in. She is sick in bed, but still sent me a message telling me to come pick up some fresh-baked cupcakes at her house. How’d she know? Well, from facebook, of course, where I was complaining about my sudden craving for chocolate, that’s where. So yeah, I did put my dilemma out into the universe via the internet, but it’s only because I have such awesome friends that when I least expect it, they are there for me. Even if in the form of a cupcake.

Today was a perfect day.

Donna - Catherine,
Your surrounded by good friends for a reason. I was just paying our universe forward by meeting your request. I was blessed enough to have my business partner/friend not only carry all the weight of our buisness for the day so that I can attempt to rest up, but also somehow find the time to bring me home made chicken soup!

You are welcome for the treat and I am thankful for your friendship!

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