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Siblings: Hope & Colin // Seattle Family Photographer

Hope & Colin are exactly what I think of when I think siblings: loving, hating, cuddling, arguing, playing, fighting, loud, quiet… an absolute mish-mash of feelings & emotions towards each other that can change at any given second, in a split second, right before your eyes.

Hope is basically in training to be a model; she may not know it yet, but she is. Hope is very aware of her surroundings, she loves attention, she is insistent on dressing to impress; she can be demure, then wild, then blank, then emotive, then back to demure, in a matter of a few exposures.

Colin is a consummate boy. He runs, he jumps, he makes faces, he picks his nose or blows spit bubbles if the camera is in his face, he cheats at Go-Fish, he never wants to stay still… and Colin always has holes in his jeans, not because his parents don’t buy him new clothes, but because his pants just can’t handle his very active knees.

And together, they wear me out! I’m positive that they wear their mother out! But together, they are so great. They hug, they chase, they want pictures of Colin kissing Hope, and then they get mad if one invades the other’s space, and then are back to hugging again.

They love each other, and it shows… and I guarantee you, if you are with them, you have fun. And you are reminded how great it is to be a child, and to be a sibling.

(last photo was taken at Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe… eat a meal there, and you will remember it for the rest of your life, I promise!)

Leo Lee - very colorful, these are great!

Joshua Mahar - Hey – I like the range of your work here. You’ve got some really great stuff! Especially well done with the kid photography!

donna - Hi Catherine,
Isn’t hope the cutest little girl!! She goes to school where I work and she has the best personality!! Great Pictures as usual.

Donna :)

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