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Kevin+Tiffany: Expecting! // Seattle Family Photographer

I know Kevin from high school (so we go waaaay back!), and he’s the kind of person that comes from a great family, kind of seems to always have it all together, is a friend to everyone, and that you would hope would one day meet a partner that is just perfect for him. So, in steps Tiffany. I’d only met her once before but have kind of gotten to know her over facebook, and there is absolutely no denying that she & Kevin are just so right for each other.

Anyway, they are expecting a little baby boy in the next few weeks, and I am so excited for them!

Tiffany: “Thank you for dealing with my pregnant emotional crazy butt.”
Kevin: “It is my pleasure.”

Oh my gosh, they are so cute together!!!

We decided to get together for maternity portraits, even though they forewarned me that they truly hated having their portraits made; we met on the ferry and headed to Seattle, where it just so happened to be a blazing sunny, spring day, while it was a sopping rainy, spring day in Bremerton. I admit that there were two challenges with doing their portraits: one, they were nervous and I felt like this weird stalker paparazzi just making them more nervous, and two, Kevin is really really tall and Tiffany is really really small. So, I actually did have to think outside of my little box, but I must say that I love the results!


Congratulations, Kevin & Tiffany… I can’t wait to meet the little bean (and find out what his name will be!)! You two are going to be awesome parents, and by the way, this is just a little preview into how good you’ll look while parenting!

Matt Schindler - Wow I am very impressed! I’m so proud of you Catherine. From the website to the photo’s to everything. This is awesome to see. I told you awhile ago that I wanted to get a couple photo’s of Payton and I and this is making me want to do it sooner than later. Tell Michael I said what up and keep on keepin on!!!

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