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My Favorite Wall // Seattle Film Photographer

This is my favorite wall, in my favorite room, in my favorite house. This wall is made up of art from my husband, my daughter, and from me, and it’s nearly the first thing my eyes focus on each morning when I wake up. Even on those mornings when I wake up and lay in bed without my glasses on, this wall in all of its blended beauty & comfort is still my favorite for my eyes to not focus on… this is the wall that hovers over us on mornings when we all — all three of us & all three of our dogs — cuddle together happily in hazy, lazy bliss.

This is the only wall, and the only piece of furniture, in our whole entire house that is kept clean & organized, and doesn’t take on any of our day to day clutter. The dresser is a 50’s classic that we bought together at a rummage sale for $20.00 (including matching nightstands), the painting was made my Michael, but is ironically “on loan” to us while it waits for our dear friend Daniel to settle down and find a happy home for it & him, the collage is by Madeline, the polaroid taken by Madeline and mounted by yours truly, the rocks are from one (or more) momentously remembered but somehow forgotten trip, the statue is a tribute to a childhood dog named Amber, the jewelry & accessories are mine, and the mismatched screws & miscellaneous tools are Michael’s, here and on every known surface in the rest of our home…

Our home, the place where Michael grew up, where he was a boy and then became a man; where he moved back to remodel & sell, but then couldn’t, due to the simple fact that every time he looked at the measurements on the wall, he was awash with nostalgia. This is the home where he lived when I drove him home on that serendipitous night of June 6, 2008, when I asked to come in and then stayed for good… this is the home where we all fell in love, where Michael gained a daughter and Madeline found out how it feels to experience fatherly love. This is the place we came home to after we vowed to love each other forever; the place where we sectioned off a room for a new baby, and then watched it get filled with clutter & gloom… This very house, the house where Michael’s parents once loved each other, is the same place where we wake everyday, go our separate ways, and then reunite each evening & stay together all through the night.

This home, our home, that we are leaving in one week…

To make a new home, that will house our love, our family, our day to day comings & goings, our arguments, our passions, our growth, our joy & our pain, and hopefully a new favorite wall, with all of our favorite things.

Jennifer Freeman - I love these pictures and, even more so, this post. I really like how it captures the life you’ve created and the transition you’re going through right now. I think you’ll be able to look back on this a year from now and remember exactly how you felt today.
On a side note, I absolutely love this style – we definitely need to go rummage sale shopping together!

Alvina - Hello! I randomly found you through some comment/post on Wildflowers Photography and I think I just clicked through all your blog posts. :-P I dig the stories and poems and lyrics! Sometimes on photog blogs it’s like… get on with the pictures already! But I like the stories, esp about YOUR life and picture of you and your family. :]

Jon - Can I buy this entire wall??? I am going to need the matching nightstands as well. ;)

Loving the back-story…so poetic.

Ali M - Catherine, I love how you wrote this. It’s so beautiful and well said that you almost don’t even need to see the photographs. I love your word choices and reflection in your writing. Beautifully said, I’m excited for your new steps in life. -Ali

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