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Hassie Love II // Seattle Film Photographer

I just received my second batch of Hasselblad film! Still in love! I think I scared the UPS man when I opened the door… or shall I say burst out the door, practically in song, when he was planning on just dropping the package on my porch. broadway moment.

I was especially nervous with this batch because I was so proud of my first roll (if you remember, I haven’t bought a light meter yet, so I’m surviving on the hope that my SOC is just right) because I switched from 160NC to 400H; completely different brands of film and completely different ISO’s. So again, I was second-guessing myself because I thought I was really not doing myself a favor by neglecting to buy a light meter… but once again, I am quite pleased with the outcome!

um… for those of you who don’t know, SOC stands for Straight Out (of the) Camera, which is to say that I don’t edit these at all. What I saw when I looked through my lens is what you get. As I’m contemplating reverting back to film for most of my portrait shoots, it is very important to me to master the camera once more, as I feel that I almost got lazy with using digital. Well, that’s a little harsh… I wouldn’t call shooting completely manual, with mostly available natural light, and only editing for color & white balance exactly “LAZY,” but there is a mindset with digital that what I mess up can possibly be fixed. Which some photographers might love; but what this photographer loves, is looking into the camera, knowing my shot, and getting back an image from my camera that is exactly as I saw it and remembered it.

But. I do need to buy a light meter. soon. I promise. Because now, what I’ve now moved on to being nervous about, is getting the film shots back that I shot for my friend Heather at one of her weddings. eek!

In the meantime… love you, my little hasselblad!!!

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