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Holga Love iv // Seattle Film Photographer

I understand that some people may not have the same appreciation for toy cameras as I do. In fact, most people probably do not. But I love me some toy camera! I’ve always had some big camera that I refused to lug around on my vacations or on my daily goings-on, and I’ve never had a small point&shoot that fit nicely into my bag, so the Holga has long been my solution to having a convenient camera for catching things that I see & want to tangibly remember.

The unpredictability of the Holga, however, can be frustrating at times, but inevitably magical. I just recently learned that I’m not crazy about Holga in B&W, but whateva, and also I’ve learned (or I’ve been taught, anyway) that I should shoot it with 800iso and not 100iso, as it’s fragile little body can’t seem to handle slower film. I’ve also learned (well, I learned, like, yesterday), that I shouldn’t count on it if I’m taking a family photo or taking a photo of something that I reeeeally want to turn out. As it goes, if I reeeeally want it to turn out, then it won’t. It’s like it has a mind of it’s own. Instead, what I end up getting, is a collection of memories that are more like dreams… you know how you remember your dreams but the details are always a little fuzzy, things happen that shouldn’t, and it doesn’t always all add up? That’s what I generally get from my Holga.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Susan - Catherine, these images are beautifully-fantastic! Hope all is well with you.

Abbey Hepner - You know holga images will draw me in. I like the low ISO actually I think it gives it the feel of motion. Beautiful.

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