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Happy Halloween!!! // Seattle Family Photographer

I got to have a play date with Isabella & Nian & their mom, Angie… we messed around a bit before they changed into their costumes… Cleopatra & Mummy, an Egyptian theme. I love how Angie kind of has them do a theme each year, and I also love that she has professional portraits made of them. Such a great idea! Professional Portraits!

Angie is just… Super Mom. That’s how I see her. And her kids just adore her, which I love so much. Isabella is 8, going on like, 18. She is totally in charge, she dresses to kill, and she kept schooling us with her vast knowledge of Egyptian history, which she learned while studying for her costume choice. (!!!) Oh, what I can learn from that girl! When I dress up as a sexy cop, do I go to the library and read up on Criminal Justice?! No. But I will next time! (how smart!) And Nian is SO BOY. I know that this sounds like a cop-out, but it is SO TRUE. Check out the series of him in fighting stances while I’m trying to snap a few… hilarious. And he was the perfect mummy, growling at me and baring his teeth, like a good mummy would. And while Isabella wanted to take a photo of “just mother & daughter” (her words, i kid you not), Nian was in a tree somewhere. Being a boy.




Oh, and by the way, hello? “Cleopatra doesn’t smile.” Oh yes she does!!!

Happy Halloween! And lucky are the children who get to wear their costumes more than once!

Abbey Hepner - So cute Catherine!!

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