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Hassie Love IV // Seattle Film Photographer

I did it. I had to do it. Well, I didn’t have to do it… but once something gets in my head, I’m not the type to just let it go. One of my strengths, and undoubtedly, one of my weaknesses…

I love film. And I love tattoos. Why not love them both at the same time, represent both with equal love? My Hasselblad is what feeds my soul, what moves my heart, what drives my spirit and strengthens my brain. It is an extension of my hands, and now it is adornment on my skin.

Tattoo by Bo. Photos of me by Michael.  Of a Hasselblad, by a Hasselblad.

… and a few from our family trip to The Seattle Underground, upon Pa’s request, for his 60th birthday.

love my family so much.

Josh - Huge fan of your work, just seeing the way you shoot with a Hasselblad is awesome!

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