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Ian, Hannah & Elliot // Seattle Family Photographer

This family is very special to me; they are a family with twins, of whom I have photographed since they were two weeks old and about five pounds or less… all the way until now, and they are about to turn four years old. And also, surprise surprise! They now have a little brother who just turned one.

We met recently for some photos at the beach, and I couldn’t believe that they all wanted to talk and play and hug me and include me in everything! Which may not seem like a big deal to you, but over the course of the last few years, every.single.time I met them, it was like they had to get to know me again, and I had to spend a decent amount of time gaining their trust. So, I was over the moon. I finally, after almost four years and after their entire lives, have entered their circle of trust. Finally. And little Elliot, who I’ve only really gotten the chance to hang out with twice before, was so great. “A stinker, you’ll see…” is how his mom described him to me via email, when we were preparing for the photo session a few weeks before. And he is. But in the way that is so darling about one year olds… watching wide eyed, exploring, touching, eating, every single thing that is in front of them. And those curls! Oh, tug at my heart strings! He is just too cute for words.

I tried to be fair in the photos I chose, but as you can see, I have such a special place in my heart for the twins, since I’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow throughout their lives on this earth; Ian with his easy laugh and his love of spiderman and working boots, and Hannah with her large & in charge attitude and her adventurous, spunky girliness.  So, forgive me, mom&pop, and at the same time, thank you … so much … for allowing me such a sweet honor. And I seriously can’t wait to spend more time with baby Elliot as he grows along with them.

jeff marsh - being married means i will probably have kids, which scares me brainless. but then, i could have you take their photos, and that would be fresh. so i shall have kids…

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