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Experimentation: Tilt/Shift Lens // Seattle Film Photographer

I once heard a saying, or maybe read it: “Nobody can deny that film is still better than digital, but the thing is, nobody is going back.” Well, I hate being grouped into the categories “nobody” or “everybody,” so naturally, I’ve done my best to get away from digital and revisit my film roots. But. I still have a digital camera. And I won’t deny that it’s great for a lot of things, namely the convenience of iso settings and the ease of having hundreds of shots available on one “roll.” So what I’ve had to do is basically find a way that I can at least try to love digital. a little bit.

We purchased the 45mm f/2.8 tilt shift lens this week… I think because I need something new to get my creative juices flowing with digital. Always after those creative juices, I tell ya. I took the lens out as much as I could this week, to sort of cram for the wedding that I’m shooting today… the learning curve on this is pretty intense. And for all you novices out there: I already know what I did wrong on a lot of the shots, so be easy on me. I already know…

I do love the manual focus on this lens. Because as we all know, manual focus on most digital lenses freaking sucks. So that in itself, gets me incredibly excited.

Oh, and guess what? The extension tube that I bought for my 85mm f/1.2? Can be used on the tilt-shift. And it . is . a w e s o m e … as demonstrated in the last two frames.

Oh, and look ma! I made it into my own blog! Courtesy of the ever-talented Mr. MichaelAbegg.

So, there you go… another little step in my constant quest to continue loving what I do.

Abbey Hepner - I love the tilt shift lens. It makes digital fun again. :) Great shots!

jeff marsh - soooo good! such a nice day to play with the tilt too

Jon Gentry - I used to believe that saying and tried to start my business as a digital shooter while shooting film for personal stuff. I’ve decided that I just can’t do it. For me, digital is not the same photography that I love. It’s similar, but just doesn’t excite me like film. Maybe I’m old school but oh well and maybe digital will surpass film one day but never in my mind. I think it’s more important to pick the medium you love and stick with it.

All that to say keep shooting film since it sounds like you love it so much and your film pictures show it. I love to see other Seattle photogs shooting film. (oh and the extension tube pics are awesome too).

Ali Walker - These are money shots.

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