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It’s Still My Birthday! And I’m Still Blogging!!! // Seattle Seattle Wedding Photographer

Okay, so I couldn’t help myself… I know it’s my own personal holiday, and I should be stepping away from the computer that essentially takes up MY LIFE… but! I received a package of processed film in the mail! Yay! Best birthday present ever!!!

So, I’m going through the images… each of them is precious to me, even if not perfect in the eyes of others, because they represent a well thought-out process of love & emotion, and a never-ending quest for the fusion of art & perfection.

And then I come across these few images of Michael & I…

I die.

I am so in love.

Michael is the most amazing man I have ever met (and so lucky to call him my husband!), the most incredible artist I’ve ever met, and a die-hard lover of all things old as well as a huge advocate for modern technology. He is a Renaissance Man, through & through. Sometimes he assists me at weddings, which basically means that I don’t have to carry anything, load anything, remember anything… I don’t have to do anything, except focus on making photographs. I am so spoiled at the weddings he works with me. And just to let you know, assisting at a wedding is hugely boring… I get all the fun and attention and creativity, and he has to just follow me around and watch my moves to make sure I’m good to go.

I’ve often —very very often— tried to convince Michael to work side-by-side with me as a Husband/Wife team of photographers. Oh, that’s another thing you should know about Michael: He is an ubertalented photographer. He sees things way differently than I do, and his training is more guerrilla warfare-esque than mine, but he’s well-travelled, and he’s been published, and he works light & composition like a superhero. But! I’m totally gonna put it out there… he’s not that great with people. ha! He doesn’t fall in love with everyone and everything like I do. He’s more calculated and guarded; he’s more into watching people than talking to them. I always joke that I would work with him, but I wouldn’t want to unleash him on the general public. Too much of a liability!

But I see these photographs of him and of me… I see that he may hate assisting, but that he loves watching me work. I also see how his desire to be behind the scenes, and his steadfast support of me as well as his eye for the unposed nuances of life are what make him so great. Make him such a fantastic artist. These images were all shot with a film camera, with a high-grain film that makes my heart go womp-womp… so that and the fact that they were made by the love of my life? I die. And I am so in love.

(and by the way, who wouldn’t love that bearded mountain man?!)

J Shoda - Great shots! Your man is a lucky dude, you guys seem perfect for one another :)

lucy - Oh Catherine…your blog is so beautiful…you two are amazing! And the pictures aren’t too bad either :) xoxo

Jennifer - Catherine…thank you so very, very much for taking the most amazing pictures of Lucy & Jeremy’s wedding! Each one is a cherished treasure! You and Michael are amazing, inside and out!

Angee Nicole - Looking at these pictures, and reading what you wrote gave me goosebumps!

Greg Nissen - Catherine! These are amazing. I love the story behind it and the black and white film. Very touching blog post :)


Melissa - Up until I had come across a post by one of my friends about a contest you were having I had never heard of you or your work. But I must say, I am so thankful that I stumbled across it on Facebook. Your work, is absolutely amazing and I find myself excited whenever I see that you have posted new photos. You are such an awesome photographer, your work captures moments in such an inspiring and touching way, you find the perfect shot to express such perfect moments. Your passion for what you do comes through in every photo that you take. Your blog was wonderful to read and I thank you for the phenomenal work that you do, because viewing it brightens my day :o)

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