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Rachel + Emily: Engaged! (And my Birthday!!!) // Seattle LGBT-Friendly Engagement & Wedding Photographer

It’s my birthday today! And I’m blogging!!!

I couldn’t be happier! We are really big into birthdays here at the Abegg house… you know, there’s only three of us, so we kind of try to go all out for each other. I love it. So last night Michael & Mads were all busy & secretive, whispering to each other on the phone, then shooing me out of rooms while they readied my presents. Then the presents are all out there, as if Birthday Eve is a real thing, just waiting to be opened on the day of. I still haven’t opened them! They are sitting there so pretty, taunting me while I wait for m&m to get home so we can celebrate together!

It’s the little things that memories are made of… the small gestures and the uncontrollable laughter that springs out of nowhere, the snuggles and the homemade cards, even the late night fights that spark much needed weekends as a family. Together. These are the things I live for. My Family. Love. Kindness & thoughtfulness…

And having them in my own home isn’t the only thing that I live for… I love sharing them with other people, and having the privilege of seeing how other families share their love. I love hearing about other family’s traditions, and reliving the joys & pains of being a family, and I love that I am always meeting couples who are sharing their family’s joys & pains, embracing them, and even taking the next step by making them their own and vowing to create a new life, a new generation of shared memories, for better or for worse.

Rachel & Emily are one such couple that I recently met… they are getting married in Chicago, where their families will be to celebrate with them. I’m unfortunately not going to be there with them (they are entrusting the ever-so talented and lucky Jeremy Lawson to take my place… he he), but we got together here in Seattle to make some engagement portraits. We met in a perfect Seattle spot (of which I will not be sharing because you will have to find it on your own!!!) on a super cold & blustery day, got over our nerves of having to be photographed (well, their nerves anyway, but you all know I know those nerves quite well!), and had good old-fashioned Pacific Northwest fun. You know, gritty, gray, rain-dodging fun.

These two together are fun, loving, adoring, sexy… they understand each other, and when they look at each other, you know their eyes speak nothing but the truth. I adore them, and I’m so glad to be sharing my birthday with them… here on the blog, and later over coffee! In real life! yay!

Congratulations you two! I read this poem this morning… it’s not particularly relative to this post, but I found it beautiful nonetheless, and thought of you two…

“… And–that woman? she
was the universe’s tongue the universe
swallowed. That’s as good an explanation as any.
Once, in sleep, you started a dream soliloquy,
the grammar of which is snow on fire, the words are
neuron-scrawl, are words the elements sing to their molecules…
–I threw myself across you.
It wasn’t sex this time. I just wanted to keep you
beside me, in this world.”
-Albert Goldbarth

Jenn - These two are just adorable!! A beautiful job Catherine, as always!!

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