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2010 Revisited // Seattle Film Photographer

“Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.”
-Jonathan Larson


I have to admit that this post isn’t the easiest to write… not because of nostalgia or my usual sentimentalities, but because I’ve been a little bit grumpy lately. Yes, me. I’ve been a lot grumpy, actually. It’s the week after Christmas, which for some reason is always such a kind of strangely lethargic time and a bit depressing; it’s cold outside and I can’t seem to bring myself to want to love the outdoors like I normally love to do… and of course it’s the end of the year! And I think, “where in the heck did the year go? how did I let time slip by so fast? did I make the most of it? holy sh** it’s almost tax time again!” Every year, The Stranger does its “regrets” issue, which is actually one of the best issues of the year… and, as much as I hate to admit it, even though I want to live my life with no regrets… (is it the same for everybody?) I go through this melancholic mood swing full of regrets about what “should” have been done.

Am I alone in this? Can you, my friends & readers, relate? Do you feel me?

So… I’ll just put it out there.
My list of regrets from 2010:

-I regret that I did not become more housewifely like I promised.
-I regret that I often did work after 3pm like I promised myself I wouldn’t.
-I regret that in fact, I did sometimes take my anger & disparities on the people around me.
-I regret that this year, as other years, I never did truly learn how to forgive.
-I regret that my mental lists never made it on paper, and inevitably never reached their destiny!
-I regret that—although already 32—I have yet to reach my pinnacle of self-confidence.

To counteract my regrets, however, I will post photos from almost all of my shoots this year, as well as some personal shots. And I hope that with these photos, I am able to give a little light into the things that I learned, the things that I gained, and the things that I will never hold any regret for…

love, art, friendship, growth, triumph, understanding, unity, family, self-worth, selflessness, creativity, joy, more art. And more love…

Happy New Year to all of my friends, new & old… I wish a year full of new beginnings, adventures, friendships… for you and for me, and maybe even for the both of us together.

Sarah Schoenberg - Well, BY FAR the best blog of the year!

Why? I don’t know. But this I know…

-There is always PLENTY of time to be more housewifely
-If you do work past 3pm, consider “overtime” payment and treat yourself accordingly
-Although probably the most devastating, you will find yourself always taking anger out on other. It’s okay, they’ll forgive you!
-Things that didn’t make it this year…or maybe next year…or ever… paper or no paper, aren’t Destiny, and THAT’S Destiny.
-Forgiveness was always a weak one for me.
-And as far as finding your pinnacle of self-confidence at 32…find me someone who has…

Cheers to a New Year!
They may go fast, but they seem to always get better :)

Greg Nissen - amazing post catherine! Really love the layout of all the pictures…

J Shoda - Beautiful images. I feel your pain, lots to regret if I look back on it, but lots of lessons learned and a bright 2011 coming ahead :)

IPKA EELMANBA - 1) No regrets
2) I’m happy to have made your acquaintance in 2010
3) I’m looking forward to getting to know you better in 2011
4) You’re awesome… Get over it.

Cyndi Tote - I totally feel you chickee! Every year after Christmas is over, my family has gone home or vice versa, my pants dont fit too well and it’s quiet and cold in the house I too think of all the things I didn’t get done over the year, the time I should have spent with friends or family. The regret of not taking more time with my children or enjoying life.

Every time I read what you have written on your site I get tears in my eyes, sometimes tears of joys, sometimes tears that we dont see each other every day and some just because your words are so insightful and show the beauty of the world and life.
So I think you have gotten things “down on paper” just maybe you dont realize it!
Miss you tons my friend!

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