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Holga Love iv // Seattle Film Photographer

Holga love? Or hate? Michael hates the Holga, and I must admit that I have a love/hate relationship with mine. And I hate to say this… but I think I’m going to replace it. Which makes me sad. I love the Holga so much, but this particular camera seems to be broken. Broken beyond repair. Par for course for Holga’s… I always give them one more chance, and again, I think I will buy one more and give it one more chance. again. I have friends who have had their Holga for years and years and hundreds of frames, and know that camera back to front, inside & out. But for some reason I’ve never gotten that close to mine. Mine, I love, then they break; I buy another, I love it, and then it breaks… vicious cycle that I will go through one more time (again). We shall see.

But! I get these adorably imperfect images! That just keep me coming back for more.

Oh, Holga.

Jonas (Americanvirus) - AH ~ how frustrating that must be. I love me Holga… but it’s strapped together with velcro and tape. BTW, love the balloon shot!

Abbey Hepner - Oh dear.. those do look strange!
Buy another and tape it up. I <3 holga.

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