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Snow in 3200 // Seattle Film Photographer

Remember when it snowed last Monday? And when you were all (hopefully) snuggled in your warm homes and enjoying the view from inside? Well, while all you sane people were inside trying to stay safe & cozy, Michael & I were outside braving the snow & windstorm, with high hopes of getting a few good shots.

It was about 9:30pm, Seattle was covered in a fresh blanket of snow, ice and chaos, the news had warned everyone to stay inside and off the roads… so naturally, Michael said, “Wanna go for a walk?!” And I was like, “nooooo. why do you do this to me?!!” Then! I remembered that I had a roll of 3200iso B&W film that was waiting patiently in my fridge for a night such as this. Serendipity! So we got all geared up, packed up, and started walking into old Ballard.

The beauty of working with 3200 film is that (obviously) you can shoot in extremely dark conditions, and of course the wonderful & whimsical grain that its images produces, and also that when shooting 3200, you tend to see things differently and look for your next shot in a completely new way. I call it “seeing in 3200.” I have to look for high contrast situations, seek out odd lighting… and even boring scenery takes on a whole new light. It’s much quieter shooting than daytime shooting—much more peaceful—because you are looking for light, looking for the mundane, and seeing it as something beautiful.

Fresh snow, harsh winds … Being alone. Dark, quiet solitude. Feeling isolated, but sharing it with the one I love. That is what the night looks like in 3200, on a stormy night… me & my loves.

Greg Nissen - mmm black and white 3200 grainy goodness. great shots! I’m glad you remembered about this roll haha

Tricia - You SERIOUSLY got some great shots, for braving The Storm!
Such reminiscent of a 50’s Seattle! Those were the days…. I “hear!”

love T!

Jon Gentry - Those are awesome.

Brandon Witzel - Great photos! I especially like the first two.

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