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Jenn + Justin // Seattle Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

I have a confession to make. I am horrible at keeping in touch with friends. I am. And it’s never for lack of thinking of that person; in fact, if ever someone reaches across the great divide after months (or even years!) of me neglecting our friendship, the first thing I always say is, “I’ve been thinking about you!” I don’t know if that sounds lame, but it’s absolutely true. Every time. I meet people, I devout myself to them when we are together … but if we are apart, I am terrible at letting them know that they are on my mind and that I can’t wait to talk to them or see them again.

Such is the case with my friend Jennifer, who, sad to say, actually lives in Seattle. In West Seattle, mind you; which, you know, feels like it’s three countries away from North Seattle. And even sadder to say, when I say lives in Seattle, I actually mean lived in Seattle. She moved yesterday. I am so sad … and kicking myself, once again, for not being a present friend when we lived in the same city. She’s only moving to the Tri-Cities for crying out loud! But c’mon, if I couldn’t keep up with her here in Seattle, should I really expect to be a good friend when she lives across the mountains?!!!

I need to change that. I need to be more present.
I promise to change that! I promise to be more present!

So! Jenn & her much-obliging husband let me make photos of them one last time before they moved … Justin was not so much into it, but I am so thankful that when I prompted him to pay as little attention to me as possible and be completely into Jenn; well, it was pure magic. Justin loves him some Jennifer. And Jenn is so gorgeous. Everything about her. I swoon when I see these photos of them; obviously because I love them so, but also because coincidentally, right after I took these photos, they went home to find out that Jenn is pregnant and they are going to be parents come August! oh my WOW!!! What a lovely surprise for me, and what a fun way to look back on their photos … as parents before they even knew they were parents!

Even though I was not expecting to be saying this when I took their pictures … CONGRATULATIONS you two! You are such great friends and you are going to be amazing parents, and I promise you … promise you … that I will come for a jj visit once you are settled into your new town!

Kip Beelman - I want to chew on the bokeh from that first frame. All is good here… Purdy on the eyes.

jeff marsh - love love love

jenny wohrle - lovely, lovely. the colors make me happy.

Jess - Absolutely STUNNING!!!! Girl you rock :)

Ali Walker - I love this session. Wonderful images.

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