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A few months ago, I made a comment on twitter that was kind of like, “What if we all had a Christmas ‘office’ party…?!” I just thought it was a great idea because most of my photographer “friends” on twitter work from home like I do, and most of us haven’t even gotten to be friends in real life! It seemed like a great opportunity to get together and really be together! Really have the chance to give hugs instead of typing *hugs* … really laugh out loud instead of LOL … and really smile with each other instead of sending each other a pairing of colons & parentheses.

And it worked! My friend Jeff Marsh pulled together on the networking end and got everyone all pumped up about it, my dear friend Miguel Edwards graciously let us use his amazing studio space in South Lake Union, and of course Michael made sure that everything was in order for us to have a Christmas party that we wouldn’t soon forget.

We figured that the headcount was 100+, and only about ten of those people had I actually met in real life. It was truly surreal. I have to admit that there were people there that may have been more comfortable if I hadn’t gone up to them and yammered on about how much they inspire me, but all in all I am so glad that I got to have face time with so many amazing artists, and not just be another comment on their blog or random stalker in their feed. I got to be a stalker in real life! (i kid) Although, there were a few people there that I felt like squealing in delight over meeting… and I may have… but mostly I think I kept it together pretty well. Much to the approval of my poor husband.

So, here’s the video that Jeff put together from the event… an edited version, mind you; as we all have reputations to maintain, don’t ya know. With that said, I don’t so much care about my own so-called reputation, and as much as I would love to name drop (because you would not believe some of the people I got to meet that night!), I will also leave out names for their sake.  Enjoy!

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