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Welcome, 2011! // Seattle Film Photographer

Okay, so I am… 11 days late? No biggie! I have spent the first few days of this New Year kind of taking stock of where I am and where I want to be, creatively, professionally, mentally, and personally. I got a little bit of flack for my last post of the year; what I heard most was that it was a kind of sour note to end the year, and also that it wasn’t the “me” that you have all come to know (and love.obviously). Well, even though Michael can definitely tell you that the real me is not all sunshine & cupcakes all the time, I think you can all relate to the fact that sometimes we just have to “put it out there.” We just gotta let it go. Which is what I did. And I felt all the more better in doing so… so thanks for bearing with my moment of morose.

So, on to 2011! 2010 was amazing in so many ways… I mean amaaaaaazing. We moved to Seattle; which was so scary, but ended up being the home city that I have been longing for all these years. This has actually been the happiest I’ve been (in my surroundings) since we left NYC um… twelve years ago! So, that in itself is huge. I have had the privilege of connecting with so many fun & inspiring people in the last year, and found friendships where I least expected them to be. In a world of constant “communication” with others, I often long for real human relationships… and already the first couple of weeks of this year have proven to be off to a smashing start. Meeting people, giving hugs, sharing real-life LOL’s, and actually knowing people is one of my biggest goals of this year, because I have found that I’m not interested in winning any popularity contests or working with people who I don’t connect with on multiple levels. In this day of age of knowing people, I want to know people.

And, of course, it begins with my family. I love that moving to Seattle has brought us closer in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. The fact that we all “jumped” together, and faced the unknown together, and came out of it with a few scratches & burns, but all in tact and better than before… has made me appreciate what we have so much more. And has allowed me to let go of what the future may hold, or not be so anxious about what we “could be.” I want to learn to live in the moment, to be confident in where I am in life, and to embrace all the unknowns that are sure to come.

That is how I am facing 2011… with a new desire to just let go.

I’m including some photos of our Thanksgiving weekend trip; which included taking I-5 south, and returning north at our own pace on Hwy 101 (our favorite road). We brought all three of our dogs! This was the longest trip with all of us in the van, and we were all a stinky, wet, hairy mess… but it was the best trip so far, and the best photos for me to look at and appreciate what we have, and where we are heading…

(all images shot with film on either the Canon1v, or the Hasselblad500c/m)

Happy 2011, everyone!!!

Melissa Kelstrup - These are amazing pictures Catherine! My favorite is the one of the 3 of you, I’m diggin the “mountain man” look ;)

lydia {ever ours} - favorite frame: road xii too cute for words.

Jenny J - beautiful shots, esp the last. love me some doggie + feetsies too.

Abbey Hepner - Beautiful! :)

Heather - Love that last frame, such a creative viewpoint. I want to be adopted.

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