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January 2011 // Seattle iPhone Photographer

I love the title of this … I have gone from a Seattle Film Photographer to a Seattle iPhone Photographer. How fitting.

There is an app called Project 365, where you insert a photo into each day of the month. It’s a little wonky, the way it’s set up, but I thought I could at least give it a try so that at the end of every month I can visually take stock of my life…

This month consisted of:

a lot of planning
a ton of cozy time
lots of decision making
stress! (i ain’t gonna lie)
redeemed by love (thankfully)
too much admin time for my liking
my first 3D movie (tron … yesssss!)
making new & invaluable friendships

After I started this project, and right before I started writing this post, I serendipitously came across this amazing site (through the ever-inspiring Deb Schwedhelm). I couldn’t believe my luck! As much as I miss the old polaroid, and as much as I sometimes despise the digital world that we are today, how great that we have a “camera” in our pockets at all times. I want to fully take advantage of that, and my next goal is to find a way to make sure I’m preserving those quick but perfect images of my life & my family as we go through our day to day… and I hope that the post from Hugh Crawford encourages you to do the same.

much love, and Happy February!

Heather - Oh, I like this! What a sweet wintery collection. Our new point and shoot places the thumbnails in a calendar format. It came in handy today when I was catching up on my 5 year book after Hawaii. I love my little blue book for keeping track….

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