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In Loving Memory of Edwin Kamarainen // Seattle Film Photographer

It oftentimes seems like the norm to always & only share happy posts, happy pictures, and happy people… but as we all know, and this week more than most with the tragedies that we’ve witnessed just in the last week… life is not always happy.

But life is just that… life. It is every emotion and every feeling and every last thing we could hope for or imagine, or not hope for or not want to imagine… all wrapped in one. I hope that when we think about ourselves & what we are going through, and think about others & what they are going through… the good and the bad… that we always remember to be there. To be present. To be open to what is going on around us and also beyond us, no matter how pretty or not pretty it may be.

Some of these images are difficult for me to share… but I know that T/Sgt. Kamarainen had a story to tell, and I thought it appropriate to share the last chapter of his life with you.

Thank you to Edwin, for his service to our country, and for his life long inspiration as a strong, loving man…

His story can be viewed here, and some photos of him as a happily married man can be found here

And also, on a side note… please consider donating to those in need as soon as you can and as much as you can. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.00 to disaster relief funds, or think about buying something that makes you happy and also makes a difference in someone else’s life.

Jaime - It was a blustery cold day, snow clinging to the grass and sun rays shining down upon us.

During the burial we all could not help to think that the weather on this particular day was much like the weather he endured walking through Germany as a POW in WWII for over 600 miles.

His family misses him dearly. We were lucky to have him for 92 years. Thank you for capturing these last moments for the family that was not able to make it. As well as others that might be interested in this couple through your initial blog when we had our family photos done.

Love you Catherine.

Rebecca - These are beautiful and inspiring and full of grace. Thank you for sharing something that is clearly so personal.

Abbey Hepner - Very beautiful and touching Catherine.

Jaime M. - looking at these 3 years later. when i look at these pictures, the emotions come rushing back like the day I was there. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but it is safe to say that you captured the moment like no one else I know ever could.

Duane Kamarainen - Thanks for all the great pictures Catherine. It’s was great to see dad was honored the way that he should have. He was a great man and an awesome dad. I miss him so much in many different ways.

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