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Vegas in Film // Seattle Film Photographer

My blog felt like it needed a film post this week. It just didn’t feel right without one!

I went to Vegas a few weeks ago for the famed WPPI convention for us wild bunch of photographers. Like, thousands and thousands of photographers in one hotel; how many thousands, I don’t even know. It was nuts… This was my very first trip to Vegas, and although I had fun while I was there, the trip inevitably validated for me what I had already known before visiting; which is, I do not like Vegas. I feel that hate is a strong word, but I dare say that Vegas & hate might actually go in the same sentence for me. All the wastefulness & carelessness, the obnoxious in-your-face blatant & ridiculous push for consumerism, the fact that you can go days without seeing the light of day, and the bizarre lack of customer service, almost everywhere. SO sorry to all you Vegas lovers!!! And the only reason i’m saying sorry is because for some reason I have met too many people who seem to take personal offense to anyone else who doesn’t like Las Vegas. Wow!

I really should’ve named this post Airplanes in Film, instead of Vegas in Film… because I do love airplanes & rides in airplanes, and ended up taking countless iPhone photos and using at least two rolls of film on my precious zeiss ikon while in the sky!

For me not really loving Vegas (to say the least), I will still tell you the things that did make me happy when I was in Vegas:

.it was sunny.
.i learned some. just some, hello.
.i met some amazing people. i mean AMAZING.
.i got to spend four days with my honey, like real adults.
.i spent hours with so many of my friends from seattle. ha!
.the dirty punk accordion-playing opera singer on the street. dreamy.
.the superman on the street is the best superman i’ve ever seen. how does he do that?!

The rest of my trip… is not rated G enough for my blog. Which goes to show that there is a strange power that Las Vegas has over people, and apparently I was not completely immune to it with my anti-vegas ways. If you are dying for more details, then drinks & dinner are in order, and I will tell you some stories that will absolutely make your day!

And you know… with all of my vegas naysaying, I will include a triptyk that will contradict everything I said and actually prove once & for all, that I really did have fun! A before, during, and after, if you will…

michael - umm. AMAZING aerial shot of MT RAINIER!! I’m going to bug you for a copy of that.

Jonas Seaman - I love this post. It speaks to me. Sometimes my favorite part about traveling, is the traveling itself.

Eliza - I’m so glad I’m not the only anti-Vegas person! Great shots, too…

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