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des & lucy // film // seattle family photographer

This is my friend Des & her daughter Lucy…

Des & I were set up on a blind date by our mutual friend Sergio, who was certain we would be great friends. He was so right.

I asked Des, if on our first blind date, I could bring along my new Hasselblad H1, since she is also a photographer and I knew that she could appreciate my clumsiness when it came to experimenting with a new beast of a camera such as this one. Thankfully, she obliged, so we went to Seward Park where Lucy showed me where all the faeries lived, collected things to add to their little homes, made grass blade necklaces, and took time to give lots of hugs to her mom…

I am lucky to have met a pair so amazing, so much so in fact, that I came home and told Madeline, “I made new best friends today.” As if I’m in elementary school! This rarely happens to me, and I feel like it’s spontaneous happenstances such as these, that reiterate my innate belief in love & serendipity.

I will tell you, that I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but truth be told… I know that Des is living through a week where she needs as many hugs as possible…

Life is so full of surprises, and this is one of mine… to have met someone so lively & lovely, to know that an afternoon of hugging & laughing & faerie searching is an afternoon of pure bliss… and to know that hugs come in all shapes & sizes… and Des, this hug is for you.

ryan flynn - so sweet! high fives to you and des.

erin h. - so sweet and warm. i love the snuggle shots.

des - i love this, i smile every time i see it! that second picture of her kills me, her smile is SO big! xoxo!

J Shoda - These are beautiful!!!

James - Good time, good times. Well done.

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Mary Lou Akai - I very much enjoyed these beautiful pictures of my granddaughter, and daughter in law, Des. Hope you can always share your pictures with us, as we love seeing them.

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