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I am just so behind on blogging, and I honestly don’t see that I’m going to have time to blog as much as I’d like to in the near future (wedding season… bring it!), but here’s a little sneak peek from a wedding I shot with my dear friend Sergio recently…

Ben & Missy

This time of year is always a busy one for me, being that we seem to maybe get three months of sunshine, and all those wonderful PNW weddings have to be squeezed into those short three months! On top of that, however, I’ve been lucky enough to be a crew member & honorary FINDer for the Seattle FIND Workshop (Film Is Not Dead)… two weeks of meeting & working with some of the most inspiring film photographers, from around the world! I feel like I’ve been on this constant high for the last week, and get to experience it again this next week; but I ain’t gonna lie… I am exhausted. Exhausted, I tell ya.

But! Onward, soldier! I have two weddings this weekend that I am super thrilled to be a part of, and am having two or four people staying with us this week, and have been doing my best to show off my favorite city to all my new friends. I thought it fitting, since I’m involved with a film workshop for two weeks, to at least share one of the the film images that I received in the mail today… Working with Sergio is always a treat; I learn a little and I laugh a lot. just kidding. I learn a ton from that guy… holy wow. I am just so fortunate to have friends that trust me to lug around my camera and bask in their glory… love it.

Anyway, I know this is not a very prolific blog entry (did I mention that I am exhausted?!)… just wanted to let you know I love you all & totally miss sharing stuff with you!

Happy Summer!!!

erin h. - you have been neglectful. thanks for the teaser, though. if there was ever a reason to be exhausted it’s being a crew member for the FIND workshop! lucky. xoxo

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