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andy & jill… metro love // engagements // seattle wedding photographer

Andy & Jill met on the Seattle Metro.

You know when you’re sitting in the middle of the bus, where you are sitting face to face with some stranger and there are really no windows to look out, so you kind of awkwardly meet their eyes, smile shyly, avert your eyes, pretend to be thinking real hard about something, but you keep meeting their eyes the whole ride? I know this scenario very well, but for me it’s always with some creepo, unfortunately. Well, for Andy & Jill, it was instant connection… and by the end of their bus trip that first day that they rode together, he asked for her phone number and before your know it they were dating, and then later making plans to get married. This, my friends, is what movies are made of. Pure romance & happenstance.

So of course!  We got together in the summer for an engagement shoot on the Seattle Metro. To commemorate their urban love story, that began on the bus…

A big huge thanks to my sweet friend Stephanie, who referred them to me… and to the fine folks at ModernlyWed for featuring this engagement session on their blog.

erin h. - the colors and textures in this series kills me. love all of these :)

melanie benson - great photography plus arts and crafts

Isaiah aka @ihaynes05 - Damn Cat. You made that bus stop and bus look good. Wow!

monica - **love this shoot***
Catherine, I frequent your blog and am so inspired every time. so beautiful

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