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Warning… this post is all photos of people having fun.

And no photos of me having fun, but I promise you that I was.

We recently took a week-long birthday trip down to Oregon, and then up & down the coast of Oregon & Washington… to celebrate Michael’s birthday with each other and with some of our closest friends. Who, coincidentally, also have birthdays in August; which got me thinking that there must be something about August babies—especially these three who happen to be born in the same month on the same year—that draw me to them so fiercely.

Our trip started in Tacoma where we had to pick up the second half of our TwoVan Caravan… had a pit stop in Nehalem Bay where we met with our dear friends and their best friends; where the first thing we were told as we walked in the door was, “we are getting you so drunk tonight, that you’re not going to be able to leave.” Perfect. Drinks & amazing food & so much laughter that I was literally in pain the next day as we woke up on their driveway and all set off for a surfing & swimming excursion together…

The rest of our week was so fulfilling. Nothing short of magical. There was one night that we literally parked at the ocean, made a fire under the stars, and stayed there until the wee hours of the morning… went to sleep, woke up, and opened our van doors with the ocean as our front porch. I will never forget that.

my two favorite ladies... jenny & heather

Highlights of our week, in no particular order:
Nehalem Bay
Newport Beach
Astoria, Oregon
Manzanita Beach
Devil’s Punchbowl
LaPush, Washington
Oswald West State Park
…meeting new friends mixed in with our old friends
…an impromptu ukulele concert at Jon’s parents house
…followed by my reliving my hula days & doing a performance of “Pearly Shells”
Shuler’s surfboards (michael earned another Employee of the Month award…!)
…photographing each other (did i mention that said friends are all photographers?)

We barely even had a destination the whole week, but felt that we always ended up exactly where we were supposed to be… relishing in the life that we feel would suit us perfectly. The life where all we need is each other, our VW van, the earth, our love for each other and the love of our friends, some of our favorite people on this whole earth… where it’s perfectly normal to all sleep in the same bed together as a family, parked on beaches & in marinas, normal to be horribly dirty but feeling pure, to be a little lost but wholly found, to be utterly exhausted but fully energized. The life where all that matters is what immediately surrounds us… the vagabond life.

Do yourselves a big huge favor and check out Heather’s blog post about our trip… it’s full of wonder & delight, I promise you!

Happy Birthday to my dear friends, and to my dear husband, with whom everything is an adventure… I vote to make this trip an annual tradition!

jeff ambrose - that. is a road trip. :)

des - looks amazing! a bit jealous that i didn’t go on this one, beautiful photos and wonderful friends are a good mix!

Kip Beelman - OMG dude. I want to party with you.

Heather - You are the best blogger in the whole wide world. I love yoU!

Karen - Personal posts are my favorite, and I think you might have just made this one the best ever! So much fun caravaning with you, Michael, and Madeline, and then finally meeting Heather and Jon for the first time.. spending the day hanging out at the lake surrounded by Jon’s family, new friends, and yummy food. Thanks for making me feel like one of the fam already, Catherine. You’re truly the sweetest! Much love!!

Jonas Seaman - I love this post!!! I love when you post the personal stuff!! Mary & I totally want to caravan with you guys someday.

Momoko Fritz - I am really jealous. Really. That does look like fun and the images are beautiful.

Chantal - Um, looks amazing. Now take another vacation so we can hang out ; )

kate murphy - these are so beautiful and make me feel like i was there! really looks like such a fun and relaxing time.

jennifer armstrong - oh wow. Yum, yum, yum. This post is SO timely for me… this last month or so, marc & i have been pondering selling my car & buying another volksy for just these reasons. I can’t tell you how warm my heart feels after reading what you say above, after seeing your photographs of your shared journey. Thank you, thank you. Like wool socks for the soul. :O)

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