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Mexico in Black & White.

This trip coincided with me serendipitously finding an expired roll of Neopan 1600 in my basement, nonchalantly popping it into a little point & shoot camera, and then quickly finding out that it’s a discontinued film that is now about $65.00 a roll. oops. what to do? what to do?! So I asked around: “Should I take this roll very seriously and put it into a serious camera? Or should I just go with it and shoot this roll on a toy camera?” Mind you, a rad toy camera… but a roll that I will never again shoot in my life?!!!

So I went with it. Shot some photos around town (which I’ll post later), and then shot the rest of the roll in Mexico.

This is my first post from Mexico (besides my iphone post… doesn’t count!), and then I’ll slowly be posting as my film comes trickling in from all my labs… be ready for Mexico en Holga y Mexico en Hassie!!!

[prints from this trip can be purchased here]

J Shoda - Love em. They could be out of a mid 1900’s Time magazine and I’d never know the difference.

Tonhya Kae - Beautiful.

Jillian - Dude. Catherine. These are so rad. They make me love where I live even more than I already do. Also I need a BSD. I’m going to get it sent to Jana when she comes down this month. Where did you develop?

Karen - Holy crap lady.. these are incredible! The third photo(s) are so moody i love it! Can’t wait to see more from this trip! :) :) :) :)

jamie - you own me. so sad these aren’t my own photos.

Leah Kua - My jaw is on the floor. The image of the frame on the wall is mind blowing in its perfection.

jonathan canlas - holy crap you were not kidding! this is amazing!!! miami here we come…

Phil Chester - I lub dem! I have a slim angel I need to put to use. Totally inspiring.

Kia Gregory - Woe! Love Mexico in B&W! Hadn’t fully looked at this set! Love it!

shipra - this set is so powerfully and moving. I don’t know what it is about the quality of these images and the depth of the b&w but this has to be one of my favorite travel posts ever. by anyone.anywhere. Well played with your one chance at a $65 roll

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