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sydni & scott // sodo park // seattle wedding photographer

“Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won’t adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice. Instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to aid and abet. That would mean that security is out of the question. The words “make” and “stay” become inappropriate. My love for you has no strings attached. I love you for free.” -Tom Robbins

I had the wonderfully unforgettable pleasure of photographing the wedding of Sydni & Scott, which was the coming together of two people completely in love, as well as the coming together of a community of artists, performers & friends. It was magical, to say the least, and involved the love & support of friends & family members to make it what it was… helping hands that took care of flowers, music, lighting, organization, a seamstress mentor (for Sydni’s handmade three-piece dress of 450 yards of tulle… oh that dress!!!) and a reception performance (produced by Sydni) that could have easily been rated as the best burlesque entertainment show in 2011.

They asked their guests to dress “elegantly outrageous” and they delivered… I was overcome with the sense of love & magnetism & resounding energy & creativity that was their wedding… it was almost sensory overload! The burlesque performances were like no other, and I was seriously trying my best not to geek out over my favorite drag queen Waxie Moon, and found myself screaming along with the guests at his amaaazing bridal performance… ugh. my favorite. EVER.

This is what Sydni told me… “We did everything in our power to create a space that all of our guests could see how we share our life together in love, and to share with them that magic. Our wedding was a love letter to each other, and to our community that we had join us.” I love that. I feel like amid all the performances & glitter & falsies everywhere… the most important aspect of the day was the celebration of two people in love, and their village.


I am pleased & so very thankful to have this wedding–that is so special to me–featured on JuneBug Weddings.

Sydni’s Dress: made by Sydni Deveraux w/ Danial Hellman
Sydni’s Shoes: made by Seychelles, and glitterized by Sydni
Scott’s Vintage Suit: Melissa Flynn w/ Friday Night Date
Officiant: Armitage Shanks
Venue & Caterer: Herban Feast at SoDo Park
Cupcakes: Cupcake Royale
Burlesque Entertainers:
Waxie Moon
Fuschia Foxx
Inga Ingenue
Jenny Penny & Belle Cozette

Brenda - This album is outrageously stunning!.. A piece of art in every piece!… I am completely amazed by your work!

heather perera - Catherine, amazing wedding! Looks like there was love and inspiration at every corner. That first shot is perfection!

Michelle - Wow! Brenda is right, every image is a piece of art. Beautiful work and that dress..omg.

Jowhara Wyatt - WOW Catherine! You captured a truly amazing event. It looks like everyone was FABULOUS!!

Nicole Todd - These are to die for! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Karen Obrist - This wedding is vibrant, fun and full of love. Incredible group of people that came together.. that dress is AMAZING and you can see the love between them.. amazing job, Catherine! :)

Tiffany - That dress! This is the most fabulous wedding I have ever seen. Beautiful pictures.

jennifer armstrong - wow, oh wow. I’m breathless. Truly. This is magic. LOVE what you captured of their day – the intimacy of their love & the extravagance of their celebration. All awesome. You did it justice & more. And more. And more. Congratulations to you all!

Dana Pleasant - Absolutely gorgeous. And you captured it so beautifully!

melanie benson - where do you even get a dress like that…so much fun

Ozzy Garcia - Coolest wedding ever!

Kena - Wow, Catherine…these are breathtaking! It looks like it was a spectacular wedding and you captured it beautifully!

Drew W - You have just turned my world upside down. Not only is this one of the most amazing sets of images I’ve seen in a long while, you captured everything with pure excellence.

Silvana - Oh my stars. This is utterly stunning. Each image is beyond spectacular. Award winning!!!!!

Kristin - this is a wedding I want to go to! It’s a fantastic dream and it was real! The spirit of love and fun is what every wedding should be about (well in my opinion anyhow) and this one was oozing love and fun. love it!! you did a beautifully incredible job capturing this wild and colorful love occasion!

fer juaristi - crazy good girl!

erin h. - your work amazing and so was this wedding. a perfect match.

Rebecca Allen - There really are no words better than those from the bride describing her special day. This is an amazing set of images! Even the kids have style! Fabulous, and well done!

Elaine - The images are stunning, there is no denying that, but your true gift is taking stunning images that bring me to tears. I felt like I was there with them celebrating this wonderful love. My favorite picture is of Sydni walking down the aisle. All those smiling faces are the definition of love. Well done, my friend.

shipra - floored. Utterly floored. Your imaginative and off-beat approach to photography is a perfect fit for this wedding. You had me a hello-pink-tulle!

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