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unplugged // seattle, washington

A few weekends ago, we had an “unplugged” weekend. Our phones were off, as were our TV & our computers. Phones, TV’s & computers… plural. (can we say #firstworldproblems?!!!)

Which is nearly impossible to do, I will have you know. Especially when you consider that I can barely articulate an opinion without using google to back it up, and when I think of someone I tend to picture their Facebook page in my head before I can conjure up a real live memory of a time we spent together (don’t judge me… try it, and I bet you’ll be surprised at how often you do that!)… when I find it a struggle to do something as simple as stand in the grocery line without checking my emails, or somehow updating my status on twitter, facebook, Instagram (most often), Pinterest… and sometimes all of them all at once.  And especially when I have a teenager at home. Who—when asked what we do as a family—once told someone, “sometimes we just sit around in the living room together, all on our iphones.”  I kid you not.

So when my friends asked how our unplugged weekend went, I so desperately wanted to say how refreshing & liberating it was! But it wasn’t! It was a total pain & such a bore… one of us was sulking all weekend, one of us ended up crying, and one of us was relentlessly trying to keep our shit together. And I bet you it’s not hard to guess who each “one” was.  God I love my family.

Anyway, I took some photos! Of course! As well as some photos from some other weekends we spent together… not unplugged, but unanchored.

Which may actually be the better way for us to be. Always together, definitely plugged in, but not totally anchored to anything but each other.

The places we visited on a few of our weekend getaways… Rosario Beach Park near Deception Pass, the Ape Caves outside of Mt. St. Helens (the longest lava tube in the lower 48… it’s a must-see for everyone!!!), and of course the Oregon Coast; more specifically Hug Point, which holds so many dear & bittersweet memories for us.

I’m leaving my family again for a whole six days (to join my FIND family… see previous post!), so of course these type of tangible memories are the ones that I need to have easily accessible on my blog. Of course I love to share with you, but these are for me. And for my Michael & Madeline, the loves of my life.

Because, every once in awhile we have to be reminded that unplugged or not… what’s most important to me is you.

melanie benson - oh my

mike - Gorgeous. You make me want to whisk Brenda away to Seattle.

Heather - I love you! The top part made me giggle out loud. The photos are stunning. The one with both dogs is so great. But that doesn’t seem like the right word to describe it. Just wonderful all around.

Shipra - People like you are too far and few between in my life. I like you so much. And I like your photography. And not even knowing them, I like your family.

esther - gorgeous!

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