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emily & john // georgetown ballroom // seattle wedding photographer

Okay sooooooo… this is a a doozy of a post. I’ve been holding onto this wedding forever, and have even tried culling it down several times, but it just.won’t.get.smaller. As I’m prepping this to blog—which is when I start a dialog in my head of what I’m going to write—I just kept asking myself WHY I couldn’t seem to scale down the images any more? Why am I so emotionally attached to so many of photos? Why am I not trying to win any awards for properly culling down a post to tell the story in just a few images?!

And this is all I could come up with: Because I don’t want to. I loved this wedding so much, and I feel it is not only a perfectly quintessential Seattle wedding, but it’s also the kind of wedding that I strive to be a part of, whether as a guest or as a photographer… the kind of wedding where it’s okay to be both.

So much love, so much emotion, a little bit of rain & a lot of dancing. As my friend Ozzy always says to me, “So this is how you do it in Seattle!”

A huge high-five to my favorite PNW photographer Sergio Mottola, who toted me along in his back pocket for this wedding.

And lots of hugs to Emily & John, and especially to Emily’s family, who were so much fun to be with on that day. Talk about love. When I was photographing Emily’s parents together, I never once had to prompt for hugging or kissing or being close… when I commented on amazing that was, Emily’s dad said, “Well! We love each other!”

So here’s to love. And to a perfect Pacific Northwest Wedding.

Ali M - This is beautiful, Catherine! I can’t believe the father’s face… oh. my. goodness…! It kind of made me want to cry as soon as I saw it! Stunning.. I also love the frames of her with the light of the window coming in. And I adore the posing you did for the guys!

Lovely! – Ali

mike - I *completely* understand not being able to cull farther. We did the same recently a 108 image e-session just because we had such a blast with the couple.

This is a magnificent wedding, Cath. It looks like a grand time was had by all, and that’s pretty sweet that you got to shoot with Serg.

Ingrid Damiani - The moments, the faces, the hands, the SHOES! I loved seeing this wedding through your eyes…I feel like I know these people. You did such a wonderful job, Catherine.

Karen - I’m so happy you didn’t cull this down because I found myself stopping at every image and studying its beauty. Your work is by far some of my favorite out of all the photographers in the PNW. Always so much love in your images. That image of the little boy holding his dads head during the ceremony is just priceless. So lovely!

melanie benson - damm you’re good

janessa - dido to ali’s comment && holy moly i’m so happy I sat down this morning to bathe in your creativity, these photos are so beautiful juuuust like you xo

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