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abegg adventures on film // dog days of summer

Someone once commented on one of my instagram photos, “I want your life.” To which I replied, “We work very hard for this life.” Which may sound like, you know… whatever… but it’s so true. Between the grueling schedule of Journey Lines, Madeline’s constant comings & goings with whomever to wherever (this summer she has like four side jobs, and when she’s not with her friends, she’s in fun places this summer like Montana, L.A. & Nevada), and with my weddings-filled weekends & my leaving one week a month each month for FIND… it’s a wonder we ever have time to enjoy each other’s company. But I can honestly say that when we have a free moment, we take full advantage of it. This month, we had a total of two extra days & one weekend free (our only free weekend this whole summer)… and each of those days we jam-packed with sunshine, friends & each other.

And each time, it felt like a homecoming, or a reunion… where we are each other’s fresh air.

Sunny days spent with each other, our dogs, and among others… our dear friends Sarah, Billy (& their daughter Madyson), Jeramie, Bethany, Evey, Heather & Jon.

Oh, and can somebody tell me how to get my baby child to stop growing?! This year has been especially different, as she’s able to independently get around the city however she pleases, she singlehandedly & with such determination brought her grades up to all top A’s & B’s, she is making her own money, she’s going on vacations without me… Michael said to me the other day, “I know this sounds crazy, but if we died right now, she is now fully capable of surviving on her own.” Which is great! It’s fantastic! It means I did everything that I meant to do, and she is everything that I hoped for her to be! But please, I ask her sometimes… can you please need me for something?! I say to her, “I miss you.” She says, “I miss you too!” and then she just laughs that angelic laugh of hers and then continues to go about her day of making her own meals & doing her own shopping & meeting with her friends for lunch. I’ve done a good job, but I have moments of weakness where I wish I had done a lesser job and instead made her need me just a little bit longer…

My friends, hang onto those children of those… and enjoy every moment that you can with your family. Wake up every day, take stock of what you’re made of & what surrounds you, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I want your life!”

amy grace - i always love your personal posts. they are like a gift. and they always get me straight through the heart. precious things always carry such weight. nothing is easy. even the deciding that we will feel life that way. beautiful images, family, and person. you.

Rob Davidson - Dangit. . . you’re making me misty over here! (no sarcasm intended)

Beautiful set of photos and even better text. Inspiring. I needed some inspiration to get through the butting of heads that is accompanying life with a 4 year old.

And dangit you’re good with that Hasselblad!

mike - Keep writing from the heart. These are some of my favorite posts of yours.

Chris Bodnar - Home is where the heart is, and your heart is clearly at home! It’s great to see personal work that reflects your love of friends and family. You’ll cherish these forever, i don’t doubt!

janessa - I love reading your blog writings – you capture such beauty. I think your amazing Catherine.

janessa - :)

Sarah - “I Jawed Myself!”

Judy - From a wedding..a a beach trip…you paint with your camera. Thank you and hugs

Heather - These just warmed my soul. You are the best! Thank you for sharing not only one of your rare free days with us but a Holiday too :)

Phil - You’re such an incredible person with such an incredible family.

ALli M - I LOVE THESE!! So fun to see the ones from your family vaca too : )

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