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oh, chicago! // travel photography

I know I’m lucky in that I get to travel all over the country & sometimes to other countries for my job… but I can tell you that the reality is not always as glamorous! It’s super rare that I get any days where I get to just explore & be a tourist, so when we had one free afternoon in Chicago I was all over that city like flies on shit. Jon was like, we’re gonna do this & we’re gonna do that… and I was like, “No. Take Me To The Beeeeeaaaan!”

As I tell everyone when they go to explore a new city… don’t forget to look up, and don’t forget to look down, and don’t forget to look all around. That’s my favorite kind of exploring.  And get your emotions in motion, ya heard!

[prints from this trip to chicago can be purchased here]

Michael - Love that boat and hedge together!

Heather - I also love the boat / hedge combo. What a special set!

Ali Migliore - Second up from the bottom looks so crazy, the reflection looks like a bubble/ alien space ship blob! I am glad you were able to explore Chicago!

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