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2012 // seattle wedding photographer

So… the world didn’t end. And I survived the holidays, so I figured I’d better hunker down & take stock of what I did in the last year. Here are a few photos from each of the weddings I had the pleasure of being a part of this year.

{the last photo credit goes to one bad ass photographer & friend, phil chester}

This year was amazing. I know that’s my favorite word, but I really can’t think of any others right now! This year I asked the universe to send some same-sex weddings my way, and not only did I have two same sex couples hire me who I have since been so lucky to call my friends, I also had the privilege of photographing three weddings at the historic City Hall event where same-sex couples of Washington were able to officially be married for the first time in our state’s history. That day was one that I–along with countless other–had been waiting for for many years… and I got to share it with my most favorite person in the world, my daughter Madeline, who was my photo assistant that day. That in itself… to be able to witness such a glorious change in our history & bask in it with the one person whose future path is one that I’ve spent my adult life trying to help pave with openness & love & goodness… that was beyond anything that my gift of photography has ever brought to me. So, thank you Universe. Thanks to our Great State of Washington. And thank you to all of my couples who trust me to be me, to be creative, to give them photos that will last a lifetime, and for having me along to celebrate their day of love & unity.

The weddings I went to this year were perfect. They were simple, creative, fun, quirky, laid-back, and full on–I mean FULL ON–celebrations of love. I often joke around that “I’m here for the cake & the dancing!” which is 100% true at a certain point of every wedding, but really what I tell all of my couples is that I’m here to celebrate with them. I don’t want to be hired help at their wedding… I shine most when I’m being myself & I am surrounded by love, and when there’s a little reckless squealing & jumping going on, and when there’s handwritten notes & songs sung out of tune & toasts that wrap up an entire lifetime of family history, and when there’s food & drink & dancing & cake fights & campfires & sleepovers & love. I’ll say it again, I am my best when I am surrounded by love.

And I suppose it’s because this is life. Which ironically, I suppose that’s also why I’m attracted to photographing weddings. Well, my kind of weddings anyway, okay! I want life. I want love. And I want all the joy & celebration I can get. So Happy New Year to you, and I hope like me, you couldn’t ask for anything else but to have a life filled with love & celebration. And if it so happens, I also hope that I get to be there to share it with you…!

Elaine - Seriously, Catherine? Why can’t you live closer. What an amazing (yes, I love that word, too) collection of love. Your open heart was in every image. You clients are so lucky to have you during such special moments of love. Great, great work.

lydia {ever ours} - beauty in every single frame. every. single. frame. love you.

J Shoda - You are f’ng incredible.

Christine - You’re good with photos AND words? I love all of the emotion in your work, and every bit of the sentiment you have for it. Happy 2013, I hope it’s…amazing :)

Phil - You are by far one of my favorite people on earf. #soblessed so have met you in 2012. Can’t wait to see what you create this year!

Karen - What a year you had! Such beautiful photos, emotion, and lighting! Loved how you put these together- it just runs so smoothly!

Barb Shoop - Beautiful words, Catherine. Beautiful photographs.

Mary W - Love, cake and happiness! I love that you’re not only an amazingly talented photographer but an advocate for everything that’s good about life- and it comes through so clearly in your work. Love this collection!

Jill - You fucking rock my world. Such a killer year. So stoked for you to come down here and kick some wedding ass with me!

Susan Fallat - What a wonderful way to spend your time Catherine! And you have so much to show for it. Lucky brides! Lucky Moms!

roland hale - Ahh! I love these. My favorite “2012” post by far. Great work : )

Jonas Seaman - You are so awesome Catherine! Such a beautiful set. I love what you do on so many levels.

Ali Migliore - Catherine – I love this post. It is so exciting to see more photos from sneak peaks and instagram photos you’ve posted throughout the year. The sequence is lovely and there are so many gorgeous frames that I love. Definitely some favorites in here…i like your eye.

Happy New Year : )
xo – Ali

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