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film is not dead // ibiza, spain

This trip was actually insane… this workshop in particular found attendees from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, the UK & of course USA. I think it’s safe to say that Ibiza is not my favorite place in the whole world, but it was really cool to meet so many people from countries I’ve never been to, and to spend all day & late into each night comparing countries & cultures & customs. I learned so many things about Europe & Europeans that I couldn’t have even guessed before, and I’m sure I enlightened them on things that seem totally normal to me… one thing especially comes to mind, something I like to call “The Burp Heard ‘Round The World.” Apparently, they don’t burp in Europe, and I found that out the hard way…

Geek Notes: Most of these were shot on Kodak Ektar 100, which is my favorite film but is unfortunately almost unusable here in the PNW… so I save it for sunny trips like to the Mediterranean. Also, I didn’t share this post for forever because my Hasselblad H1 crapped out on me, and I was super frustrated about the lines that were on several of the negatives. I’m sure you all know how much I despise using photoshop, so it was a moral battle in my head as to what to do with the photos, and with the camera. Anyway, it turns out that the camera situation is totally fixable (it was one of my camera backs & not the actual camera itself, thank goodness), and I decided to just post them as imperfect photos. Because I love the photos, but I didn’t want to start despising them because of dreading having to open them in photoshop. I am a geek.

Thanks for virtually traveling along with me! If you’d like to attend one of the upcoming workshops, be prepared to have a life-changing experience… Or in the meantime you’d like to purchase some prints from this post, you can do so here. Gracias!

Stephanie Haller - This makes me miss Mallorca SO SO much. I think you would enjoy that island far, far more than Ibiza.

I didn’t even notice the lines, until I looked for them.

Also of note – Ektar 100 was the very first film I shot. Ever. And I loved so many of them.

Gorgeous. Just like you!

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