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I recently had a trip to Ibiza, Spain, where my travel time was just as long as the time that I was actually there! Luckily I love flying, I am mesmerized by airports, and one of my layovers happened to be a seven-hour layover in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland. So for 12 euros I hopped a train & headed into the heart of downtown to explore for a bit.

This was actually my first trip into Europe–I hit Switzerland, Spain, & Germany–but really I only got to see Europe through the customs of the people on the airlines, the beauty & architecture of the airports (did I mention I loooove air travel?!), from the sky above, and from this quick jaunt into town with one roll of film. Traveling alone leaves for a lot of time for introspective learning, and being alone in a foreign country is the perfect time to just be silent & listen to others around me… which is something I should practice more often, quite honestly. I’m seriously hoping for another trip to Europe soon… all this did was leave me wanting more! Please Universe, Please… I’m asking for a trip to Europe soon, and even better, one that I can share with my family!

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