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on the road again // abegg adventure on film

Thank goodness for impromptu road trips & insisting on making every minute count.

For all the itineraries we have to keep & all the planning we have to do both in our daily lives & professions and in the mapping out of our future… I am forever thankful that I have a man in my life that loves to live each moment as it comes. Free time is a rare & precious commodity in our lives, and when we have some, we do our best to not take it for granted and to make it count. These photos are from one such occasion. After a weekend of going on a local hike off the North Cascade Loop, and once again vowing to each other that we would continue to make every day together count—really count—I got a text message from Michael saying that he had to do a run to pick up a bus load of passengers in California & he wouldn’t be back for three days. I said that I wish I could come. And he said, “Come!” And by the end of the day we were on the road, Michael driving one of his 40-foot charter buses & me just hanging out for the ride.

This road trip ended up being quite serendipitous, in the end. The first part of our trip, on our way down to pick them up, was what is called a “dead-head” in the industry… which basically means that there are no passengers on that leg of the trip, and meant that it was just me & Michael & this huge bus, talking, listening to music & taking photos. It was lovely, but I knew that the second part of our trip, with passengers, would be much different & I’d more than likely have to sit quietly for several hundred miles. But surprise of all surprises! The second part of our trip ended up being such a fun trip up. Lucky us, we ended up with a bus load of the ridiculously fun & talented dancers of internationally renowned Hubbard Street Dance Company, who were on their west coast tour, and we were the lucky ones transporting them for the last leg of their journey… from CA to WA and then to OR. I made friends when I was least expecting to (one of which I hope to keep in my life forever… you know who you are!), I discovered my secret desire of wanting to be a tour guide (you know, because I love talking & love sharing random facts!), and we also ended up having the privilege of seeing their performance & sharing it with Madeline, before we had to transport them to Portland for their last performance of the tour. To say the least, it was an exhilarating week… it was fantastic to be completely out of my realm, to learn about an art that I really have no reference for, and to be inspired by such beautiful people, when I was not at all expecting to be inspired by anyone or anything more than the road.

So, here’s to spontaneity, serendipity, inspiration, togetherness & being present. If nothing else, besides love, I hope to live a life filled to the brim with these… with two people the most (my loves), and with friends welcome, new & old.

[photos from this trip can be purchased here]

Ali Migliore - I love the mountain reflection photo, it is so beautiful! It is always fun to read your words too, Catherine. You are full of insight from your personal experiences : ) Thanks for sharing!

amy grace - “and the moon rose…over an open field.” you guys are certainly not lost. you are home wherever you are together. these are epic and emotional. you gave me the gift of this feeling i so deeply miss. xo

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