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haciendas las trancas // film is not dead // mexico

I can’t even talk about this place without getting all smiley & sweaty & feeling like I want to scream with delight. These photos will do zero justice to this entrancing little town … and ironically, I didn’t even take as many photos as I should have because I took so many with my iphone! Damn iphone, effing up my game. Most of those photos can be found on my instagram, and then these will have to do for now. I beg of you to visit this place yourself; in the words of the great LeVar Burton, “You don’t have to take my word for it!”

puking rainbows... seems about right.

te amo, yolanda!

Imagine a long day of traveling from Seattle to Oakland to Salt Lake City to Mexico City to León, and then taking a long & dark ride into the unknown, and ending up in the most beautiful place that you could ever imagine, with a freshly made & authentic Margarita waiting for you… so beautiful & refreshing that you barely even remember how hard it was to get there. Welcome to Hacienda Las Trancas & the ranchito of Las Trancas. A fortress of history & mystery & beauty, that is about one hundred years older than the church across the plaza that happened to just celebrated its 378th year in existence. You wake up every morning at 7am to fresh coffee & hot cocoa that was made with giant chucks of chocolate that were recently crushed into it… then you wait for the breakfast bell to ring at 7:30am for a meal that is both authentic & unique, and probably the best meal that has ever entered into your body. And then if you’re like me, you anxiously await the lunch bell & dinner bell; and by day one you have fallen under the spell of Yolanda, the chef who lives just down the road from the hacienda with her six children & who is the one graciously feeding you every day for three meals a day, and you find yourself yelling “te amo, Yolanda! te amo!!!” every time you see her.

And you know, the rest of the day you can either have a massage by one of the local village people who have been trained in massage (full body hot stone massage for $35… yes please!), or go for a long horseback ride through the mountains with the stablehand giving a detailed & romantic account of the hacienda’s history, or you can have a driver take you into the nearest towns (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo) for basically what I refer to as Mexican Tourgasm (yes, i made that one up!)… or you can just soak in the pool & wait for the bell to ring for your next meal. I did all of the above… why not!

The history of the hacienda can be found here; you should totally take the time to read it! It’s absolutely fascinating, especially if you’re a history geek like me. And the hacienda’s main website can be found herepleeeeeeease oh please, somebody book a workshop or a vacation or a reunion or a wedding at this hacienda, and bring me a long with you!

Obviously I travel a lot, but this is the first time in a long time that I felt completely free of guilt or desire to be elsewhere or even any sort of homesickness. Instead I felt absolute calm, and could only think of my family in terms of when & how could I get them back to this place with me. I know I go on & on about Mexico & my love for it, and I know it could be thought that such a romantic experience as staying at Hacienda Las Trancas could be considered far from an authentic experience… but I say fuck it. If it takes a trip to the desert highlands of Mexico to take a step back in time & a chance to be quiet & at peace, I say go for it. And I totally did. I also had sworn off swearing just days before this trip, and the second I walked into this hacienda, I found I couldn’t help myself & was swearing up a storm with more fervor than ever before.

It’s just that fucking amazing. Hacienda Las Trancas… te quiero!

[to see all of my photos from Mexico & even purchase them if you please—!!!—visit my storefront by clicking here]

John - I miss this place so much and I’m already trying to figure out how and when to go back! I need some of Yolanda’s food in me.

Karen - This is amazing. The photos and your description of the Hacienda, makes me want to book a vacation there right now! Your IG photos from Mexico were amazing as well!

Ali - These are such incredible frames. I love them!

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