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molly & oni // seattle family photographer

On April 8th, on the exact date of the start of the fifth year that sweet Oni had been alive, she became not just Oni… but Molly’s Oni. And Molly became Oni’s Molly.

And it just so happens, that on April 11th, I received their film back from the lab… which was exactly one year since the date that my Madeline had officially become Michael’s, and he hers.

Serendipity! It’s funny how it weaves its way into our lives in the most beautiful & unexpected ways, isn’t it?!

I get to photograph all sorts of wonderful events & momentous occasions, but to be there for the day that two people choose each other is beyond special to me. I wish I knew more of Molly & Oni’s story, more than just the part of their story that I was so lucky to document, but I imagine it begins with two people who knew within their heart of hearts that there was another person out there that needed them… and then they found each other. Chapter One. From there, it continues with discovery, love, and knowing beyond anything that conventional wisdom could offer, that they belonged to each other. And from there? Only time will tell… time will create a story, from chapter to chapter, an entire series of stories & adventures & long nights & sweet mornings & tales of love & heartbreak & learning & giving & taking & always meeting in the middle… always a place where their hearts will connect again & again. I know this story quite well, and know that there is never an ending to this story, only a beginning that began before we were even aware, and then an entire legacy of history & memories that are created & preserved & cherished from now until never & forever. A history of togetherness that will carry on into the universe as dreams & as energy for millions of others to carry on. Life. Love. And the stories that we create.

Congratulations, Molly & Oni… on the story that you have begun together.

Lucy Taylor - so so so lovely dear friend. you are a bringer of joy.

Ali - This is so special!

jennifer armstrong - close to my heart. Love these.

Jenny J - Heart explosion! So grateful you were a part of this, Catherine. Love you and your family, Molly!

Kristin - Joyous!! What a day to celebrate and you captured it perfectly!

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