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heather & mark // seattle wedding photographer

Crazy to think that I am posting an anniversary post for this wedding… time flies, and along with it, all of my well-intentioned lists & goals that seem to come flying back in my face every year just to scream, “you didn’t accomplish this!” That definitely goes for blogging, as I’m sure all you bloggers out there can attest to… and to think that I kept this wedding all to myself is practically a crime! Heather & Mark’s wedding was for me, such an amazing start to my wedding season last year. It was one where I fully connected with the couple & their families & their friends, and ended up being able to put my cameras away at the end of the day to share drinks & dance moves with everyone well into the night. It wasn’t my first wedding of the year, but it was the first official weekend of the summer… and it ended up being the p-e-r-f-e-c-t indicator of what kind of year I was going to have.

The year of love, love, and more love.

So this perfectly picturesque PNW wedding was in Leavenworth, and you can take a quick step back in time to view their engagement photos that we did in their city of Portland {here}. And I guess I can consider this a guest post, because I’m going to give you a little peak into their sweet love story, with the words of Heather herself:

“People are always saying that when it comes to love that “timing is everything”. A more cynical, and single, me had often rolled my eyes at people looking to impart those particular words of wisdom. However, that statement has never been truer than with Mark and me. While we were both fabulous as individuals, we weren’t fabulous for each other until the timing was just right.

“Our story officially starts at Oktoberfest in the wacky but wonderful Leavenworth, WA but we had actually met several times before that. Once at a friend’s start of summer backyard BBQ, and we crossed paths again at the wedding of two mutual friends. Each time we left with the same thought, “You know who is great? That cute, bossy, brunette!” or “I really liked that shy redhead.” But each time we were both so busy finding our footing on our new life paths, me as a first year teacher and Mark starting over after seven years in the U.S. army, that we couldn’t manage to get something going together. Lucky for us, we weren’t short on mutual friends and when yet another friend invited us on a long weekend in Washington’s Bavarian paradise we both happily accepted.

“That weekend included everything a romantic could hope for: the chicken dance on repeat, a smorgasbord of increasingly ridiculous hats, and lederhosen. While that list might not appeal to all, it proved to be just what Mark and I needed. I taught Mark how to get down to a hot polka beat and he showed me that sauerkraut isn’t scary. Most of all we saw that there was someone out there that wanted to get as much fun out of life as we did. There was someone who could encourage you to be who you are and laugh at yourself along the way. Since that weekend we have been inseparable which has meant Mark moving to Seattle while I tried to survive my first year in the classroom and then us both moving to Portland so Mark could follow his dream to be a professional pilot.

“We have had many adventures together but Leavenworth has always held a special place in our hearts so when we were engaged and looking to find a place to get married we quickly decided Leavenworth would be it. We were married on June 23rd, 2012. Our day included a rain delay that was saved by my parents’ good nature and wine, a poem about dogs, an unremorseful but loveable dessert thief, and plenty of laughter and dancing. It might not have been perfect for everyone, but on that day the clouds parted and the timing was just right, making it absolutely perfect for us.”

Happy 1st Anniversary, Heather & Mark! Here’s to perfect timing… and I can’t wait to see you again!

Ali - I love this wedding! I love how simple it is, the setting, the wide instax, and the bridesmaid’s dresses!!

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