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my love affair with méxico // film // travel photography

Tomorrow I’m heading to Mexico to vacation with a family & document their love for each other during their most relaxed state, where they will be sun-kissed & full of love… so it seemed appropriate to share with you the photos of our family’s last trip to Mexico, in our most relaxed & loving state.

One of my friends said I’m having a love affair with Mexico.  I’m not ashamed.

This trip was probably the most relaxed trip we’ve ever had as a family. We definitely love us a good road trip, and make sure that we get take advantage of our free time as much as humanly possible, but there really is something to be said about going somewhere like Mexico & basically doing nothing for eight days & nine nights. I worked two weddings with my girl Jillian Mitchell—one on the first day we were there & one on the last day we were there—but I had six whole days off in between. It was pure heaven, and it was such a treat to actually share my travels with my family, especially with Mexico, the land that I love.

Would you like to know what we did during our trip to Mexico? Eat, drink, swim, sleep. Repeat. Again & again.

So you’re not going to believe this, but these are the only photos that I took while on vacation (and most of these Jill actually took!), aside from the photos that I’d taken with my iphone & posted to instagram. I had been in the middle of a social media cleanse when we left for Mexico, and for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t feel weighted down with the need to take photos the whole time, either by iphone or with my real cameras. It was absolutely enlightening, both physically & mentally. I was there. I was in the moment. I was with my family. And it was A W E S O M E.

We had a name for Michael while we were down there… “Mexi-Mike,” because he was a totally different person. I think as a whole, we were totally different, individually & as a family. I mean sure, we had our arguments, and I also caught Michael fixing the fan at our place & the toilet & cleaning out the fridge, AND he even spent a few hours helping a neighbor fix his Vanagon… but for the first time since we’ve been a family, we felt peace & tranquility & we were able to take deep breaths & slow steps. It turns out that Michael & Madeline are equally enamored with Mexico & its people as much as I am, and I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve been eating Mexican food more than the average American since we got back, just to make sure that we don’t lose touch… the other day, the chef at one of our favorite places said to me, “¿Méxicana?” I said, “No, I just love Mexico & I’ve been working on my Spanish so that I can visit there more often.” And he told me that my accent was very good. YEAH! I’m working on it!

Anyway, I’m leaving for Mexico again tomorrow, like I said, but the days between these two trips have been filled with lots of work (even Madeline has a job this summer!), lots of time away from each other, and everything is back to normal… but every so often, we’ll all just kind of look at each other & say, “so when are we going back?” And we know just what we’re speaking of, but for now can only dream of a time & place where we get lots of play, lots of togetherness, and where the new normal are days filled with eating, drinking, swimming & sleeping, and lots of love.

¡Viva México!

Ali - I love your writing Catherine. I think these few photos capture everything perfectly. They are beautiful, light, happy and full of love : ) You’re lovely!

Posy Quarterman - gorgeous and warm and dang making me just a little jealous. glad you got just what you needed. xo

megan - gorgeous!


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