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“Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I’m with you.”
-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

We’re moving. As I post this. We’re making the insane leap of moving from our giant house with the giant yard & the “four-van driveway,” into a tiny two bedroom/one bathroom apartment with a tiny patio & one parking spot. We’re doing a sort of backwards migration, from living a life of lots of things with lots of space, to having minimal things in a minimal space… to hopefully one day having almost no things with more space than we can imagine, on the open road. That’s the dream we have anyway… to one day not feel weighted down with all the material things in life, and live with only the notion that all we need are the things we see & the things we learn along the way, and the company of our nearest & dearest.

So, we start to gaze into the sky, with hopes of one day taking flight.

But. This house. This house we’ve called home for so long, the house that has kept us rooted… is so very hard to leave behind. Michael said to me this morning, with an abnormal sense of longing, “This place just feels like home.” This is the first house that we chose together, a house filled with lots of good junk & walls & floors filled with art, the house where we had countless late nights together & apart & with company, and had so many friends live in with us or just pass through for a visit with us… the house where we gained dozens of new friends but lost two of our so dearly beloved best friends—Chloe & then Ella—and the house where we learned so much about ourselves & about each other. It’s not easy to leave so many years behind, so many memories. It’s not easy to decide to leave behind the comfort & space that this house has given us, and choose to live a life of uncertainty & whimsy.

I took these photos to remember our soon to be “old” house (akin to when I waxed nostalgia before moving out of our last house three years ago… see post here) because I didn’t want to forget this place & all that we put into it, and I wanted to take the time to be thankful for it before the stress & chaos of the move started to take over our lives. But even as I took these photos & then when I received them back from the lab, I realized that there was only one photo in the whole lot that was of something I couldn’t live without… the photo with Madeline in it. The rest is all just stuff. Stuff that doesn’t define me. My family defines me, my family is where my home is, and as long as I have them, then it doesn’t matter where I live or what my dreams are.

So then I realized that in addition to all the photos I took of our house, I needed to include a photo of us, in this house, and chose this one taken by our dear friend Jenny (see the rest of the photos here). A photo of us on a couch that could easily be a couch almost anywhere; whether it be in a mansion, in a shack, in a field or under a bridge for all I care… as long as it was a couch filled with the ones I love. Michael & Madeline.

Home. Home is wherever I’m with you.

Ashleigh - This was so moving and true … really gives me something to reflect on and I loved the beautiful images.

des - my dear, i am so happy for you and your sweet family. the bounty that comes from family and simple living are unmatched and the road is forever calling your name. love + light!

Ali - Love this post. Love what you’re doing. Keep us posted. Once my kids are grown I hope to have a smaller, more nomadic life. But for now i just try to keep tight reign on the influx of stuff. A decluttered, minimalist home makes me feel super sane. Some people find stuff, knick knacks, large closets, and the rest fulfilling and comforting; I find it stifling and unsettling.

amy grace - ok, i am crying. we are doing this move thing too, pushing different bounds, heeding the call. but i am crying because you and this tribe are such goddamn beautiful souls. go live like you know you can. and remember that home is in your blood and hope and memory. you already do. xoxo

Eileen Garcia - This is so beautiful, heart warming and so true. Family matters above all. Wishing you guys the best journey towards your dream. It’s a good dream…a very good dream. xxoooxx

Elaine - I loved everything about this, from the pictures to your heart felt words. Home is where your loves are. The fact that you are taking this leap of faith together, makes it all the more likely that it’s going to be the best decision you’ve made. Adventure is out there! Way to grab at it.

Ali - This is beautiful, Catherine. I have warm-fuzzies in my heart from reading your sweet, honest words. I love your writing style. And I love and already miss this home of yours! I am thankful for the great memories shared within her walls.. thank you :)

Cheers to new adventures and moving towards goals/dreams!

Posy Quarterman - What a big and brave leap towards awesomeness. One should never second guess following their dreams. Props to you three. xo, PQ

PS- Material item or not, I’m lovin’ the Lego VW bus, I’ve got a little Lego-obsessed VW-lover of a girl.

AIleen - Catherine´╗┐, This is truly the best blog post I’ve read in so so long. Beautifully written, gorgeous photographs, but more importantly, so REAL. I love it and everything it represents. Seriously. You are so right. And I wish you and Michael and Madeline all the best.

anda - love. love love love. this makes me want to hang out with you even more and i didn’t know that was possible.

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