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my weddings 2013 // seattle wedding photographer

This is a recap on all the rad weddings that I got to be a part of in 2013. I love what I do, and I hope it shows…

This year was an odd one for me because I didn’t book as many weddings as I’m used to, but in turn, I was so in love with every single one of my wedding couples… and I think the feeling was mutual. In no particular order, this year some of my favorite things were that I continue to be friends with some of my couples from last year & I love it, I got to shoot three weddings in mexico while vacationing with my family, I zumba’ed with one of my brides this year, had the honor of photographing the wedding of a city mayor & her wife, I literally shot at a different venue for every single wedding this year that I had personally never shot at before (which is unheard of!), I made a groom drop his drawers (for a photo, duh), I karaoke’ed late into the night at a wedding, I hired on an assistant this year who I LOVE (and I love my other assistant too, but he already knows that!), I went to a gay pub-crawl with one of my couples the night that we met, I had an overnighter that ended in epic hottub soaking (BEST way to end a wedding, take note!), twice I was at a wedding that got rained out & I froze my ass off but it was awesome anyway, I hopped into the photo of one of my brides with her bridesmaids (see first photo!) because I had unknowingly matched all of their dresses, I got tipped in wine (!!!), I met someone at the courthouse for their wedding & found out that they’re my neighbor, I went shopping with one of my brides & ended up having to get almost naked with her on the day that I wore THE worst underwear, I made way too many raunchy jokes but we all know that’s totally normal (I may or may not have humped someone with my camera… all for a laugh, you see!), and of course I danced my ass off & I ate LOTS of cake, as per usual.

My, oh my, did we have fun!

On another note that’s just as important as how much fun we had… twice this year I photographed a wedding where a dear family member had unexpectedly died just weeks after the wedding. These events were for me, not only an obvious reminder of how precious & unexpected life can be, and how imperative it is that we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us… but it also made me so thankful that I have the unique occupation that allows me to meet so many inspiring people & document their love for each other. I received a card from a mother who had lost her daughter & son-in-law… it’s a photo of them together & it says “i carry your heart with me.” I carry that card with me, so that I never forget to also carry the heart of the ones I love with me, and to do the best I can to show them how much I cherish each day with them. And I also carry it to constantly be inspired by the task at hand… to celebrate love & to bring tangibility to the memories of my couples & their families, on what is often the most special day of their lives together.

I have one more wedding this year (next week!), that I’m looking forward to just as much as I love looking back at these weddings… and I already can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. As I post this, it’s also the very first day of my birthday month—a very fine occasion in our home—and in honor of that, I’m offering 15% off of all wedding packages booked in November. They can be for any time, but the offer will expire on November 30, 2013, at which time I will return to my normal package pricing. My wedding pricing can be found {here}… let’s meet & talk & celebrate together!

I’m here for the cake & dancing! And to document your love too… I’d love to hear from you at or 206.992.3792.

Ali Migliore - These are so lovely. I love how you capture, Catherine. <3

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