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angie & brandon // tractor tavern // seattle wedding photographer

Sooooooo… there are weddings, and then there are parties.  This was technically a wedding, but was a serious P A R T Y.

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Angie & Brandon met at a show at Tractor Tavern, a very well known music venue in Seattle.  The rest is history.  When they decided to get married, I’m not sure how the conversation actually went, but this is what happened:

  • Get married at the courthouse with all of our family in attendance.  Easy.
  • Have an awesome dinner with said family to eat amazing food & lots of drinks.  Perfect.
  • Take time to recover.  Two days.
  • Rent out the music venue where we met, hire a couple of bands & bring in BBQ, and have the most KICK-ASS party ever.  Done & Done.

The courthouse wedding was so lovely & fun (I’ve never ever seen a packed house at a courthouse wedding… this shows how fun their families are), the dinner we had at Wild Ginger was as delicious as you can imagine & I’m sure the wildest crowd that restaurant has ever seen, but the party at Tractor Tavern!  Oh, the party!!!  Angie & Brandon nailed it when they thought of how to have the best damn wedding celebration since like, ever.  After stuffing ourselves with local BBQ & homemade pies, Angie’s best friends & Brandon’s best friend started out the night with recalling for everyone there the night that they first met… because they were both there, at the very place where we were celebrating!  I was crying, of laughter for a change, because it was the funniest way to toast a couple.  Then they had open mic where friends came up to pay tribute to Angie & Brandon… one family member tried to also pay tribute but was accosted for what was most likely going to be NSFW or you know, not safe for Grandma’s ears.  Then came the bands!  Polecat for bluegrass & Shameless Hussy for R&B funk!  Every single person in that place was dancing.  Every.Single.Person.  It was THE absolute raddest way to celebrate love & family.

This wedding was absolutely irreverent, but so full of reverence at the same time… and I adore adore adore that Angie & Brandon sort of unknowingly paid tribute to legends Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash, one of the greatest love stories of our time, with their way of celebrating and also with the perfect outfits they wore.  A tribute to the Man In Black; I’m not sure if it was intentional, but talk about keeping things totally rock & roll!

Thanks to HiFi Weddings for featuring this wedding… you can check out the post {here}.  A special thanks to my man who celebrated this wedding with me, and of course a huge thank you to Angie & Brandon who really know how to throw a party.  You guys are awesome & I’m so glad I get to be your friend.

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