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At the moment, I am taking a course at my local yoga studio called “40 Days To Personal Revolution,” that is forty days of yoga, meditation, intentional eating, journaling & sharing with everyone in the group; it’s intense to say the least, and I am admittedly the worst when it comes to being able to focus & being able to be present & just being in general.  I’m terrible at yoga, which is supposedly an oxymoron.  Anyway, one of the questions that we were asked during the first week was “when are you most present?” and that was a very easy answer for me…

I am most present when I am on the road, with my family.

To counterbalance the very personal post that I wrote most recently, I thought it best to post photos from our last thanksgiving trip down to California… coincidentally this trip fell immediately after that dark period that I wrote about {see last post here}, so needless to say, this time spent with family was like an oasis in the desert for me, both wholly needed and wanted.  I was craving their presence, and got it plus so much more.

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Our thanksgiving trips down to California are very special to me.  Michael’s family is artistic & fun & generous & full of adventure… his parents met us there too, via their very own road trip to go pick up a new bus in Colorado!  It wasn’t the whole crew—we were missing many—but it was still just plain awesome to be surrounded by so many people we love.  For the past couple of years, we’ve had our Thanksgiving &/or Christmas meal at one of the small town buffets, just to make it easier on Grandpa Abegg, who really likes to go all out when having everyone over for dinner… but this year on the morning of thanksgiving, we woke up, and Michael & his Aunt Angie made a very swift decision to make all the food at their house.  It was very silly & everyone was giddy & even a little bit confused… we made a crazy trip to the grocery store, frantically just throwing food & drinks into our cart, and then hurried home to start preparing the meals & calling everyone to tell them this impromptu plan.  It was fun.  I love that about Michael, and I love that about this family; almost anything can be made into a hilarious gathering & an outrageous adventure, but always so meaningful.  Like, sometimes we’ll call them from like an hour away, to ask if we can sleep in their driveway, and we always have the best time.

One of the best things I love about being with everyone are all the stories that are shared, through our common lineage… Madeline & I were proud to be the newest additions to the Abegg Family Tree (it’s a very real thing, dating back to the 1500’s!), but since then we have welcomed a new baby girl into the world & another marriage has taken place, and the newest news is that one of Michael’s cousins is soon to be married too.  On the flipside of that—even since this last holiday season—Michael’s Uncle Paul, his grandpa’s brother & the man responsible for maintaining all of the family records & keeping immaculate tabs on all the goings-on of every family member, passed away in his sleep.  It was expected, but still such a huge loss for our family.  Just that news in addition to all the good news that has happened this year, reminds me of how precious our time spent together is… it leaves me in awe of the swing of things, or the circle of life if you will, and encourages me to believe that all is not lost as long as we’re living this life together.  As Leonardo DaVinci said, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well used brings happy death,” I am so thankful for this family that I love, who may not live the most exciting or glamorous lives in the world, but they live it together & they live it well.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left such a positive response to my last blog post.  I can honestly say that I start out everything that I do with hopes of staying positive, whether that be waking up in the morning or going about my day or even writing a blog post… and I really truly appreciate hearing everyone else’s stories & so many reassuring sentiments, especially when my desire to stay positive isn’t always the outcome.   So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who had such enlightening & encouraging things to share with me.

Here’s to family!  and more family!!!





Ali - Those first five frames are so great. I love your eye! It’s nice to hear about how special your family time was.. xo

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag - LOVE that last shot of your daughter!!! Totally pinned it. :)

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